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Reps. Arp, Bell, Hall working to increase transparency and integrity in our elections system

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

House Elections Chairman Destin Hall (R-Caldwell), Majority Leader John Bell (R-Greene, Johnston, Wayne), and Rep. Dean Arp (R-Union) today announced plans to push for elections board reforms that will help restore confidence in our state elections process going forward.

The proposals will be centered around improving the speed and reliability of election results, increasing election security and voter access, and creating a non-partisan elections board. States such as Florida were able to release timely data without partisan politics or litigation interfering in the election process.

This renewed push comes days after N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore along with House and Senate elections committee chairs demanded that the State Board of Elections release data on outstanding absentee ballots.

“No one should doubt the honesty and integrity of the majority of ground-level county election officials, but when the person who’s in charge of counting the ballots is actually on the ballot, fairness and honesty could always be in question,” said Arp. “Seeing the litigation games that were played this year, it’s clear that our state elections board is highly partisan, and there’s too much going on behind closed doors.”

“People know that elections won’t always go their way, but they deserve to have confidence that the results are honest.”

Cooper’s willingness to use the board to his partisan advantage has been obvious at many points throughout the past four years.

First, Cooper’s board fired the former highly respected director of the Board of Elections Kim Strach. Next, the Board colluded with attorney general Josh Stein, whose race has yet to be called, and a wellknown Democratic operative attorney from the Hillary Clinton campaign to derail the rules of the 2020 election after it had already begun. Lastly, the board has yet to declare the obvious presidential winner in North Carolina.

Rep. Arp and Majority Leader Bell offered the following joint statement:

“The Board of Elections has a job to do that is independent of their party politics. When voters perceive that some board members’ actions show more allegiance to the North Carolina Democratic party than to their oath to uphold state law, then reforms need to be made to restore integrity and trust in the elections process and outcomes.”

Arp and Bell said they would also continue to push for implementation of the state’s voter ID requirement, which is currently being blocked in the court system and opposed by the Cooper administration.

“Voters, both Republican and Democrat, overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment for voter ID as a measure to increase transparency and integrity in the elections process. We will work to see that the will of the people on voter ID is upheld.”

House Elections Chairman Hall responded with the following:

“There’s no option that the House Elections Committee will not consider to end the partisan games with our elections. I look forward to getting back into session with the newly elected legislature to find a solution.”

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