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Bell elected to third term as House majority leader

Goldsboro News-Argus By Steve Herring 11/20/20 | Link

The N.C. House Republican caucus Monday unanimously re-elected Rep. John Bell of Goldsboro as majority leader for the 2021-2022 legislative session.

Bell, who won his fifth two-year term in the House on Nov. 3, was first elected majority leader in 2016. Bell, a Republican, represents Wayne, Greene and Johnston counties in District 10.

He had previously served as House majority whip.

“First of all, to be elected by your constituents and the voters back home is very special,” Bell said. “That means they trust you to be their voice in Raleigh, and so that’s special.

“When you get there and your colleagues elect you not only to really be their voice in negotiations, it is something very special — for them to have the trust and confidence in me to be able not only help them to be successful while they’re in Raleigh, but to make sure that business gets done.”

Bell said he is humbled by that trust and that it is a responsibility he takes very seriously.

And being 41 years old, there are a number of House members who have more seniority, he said.

“But to have the confidence of the caucus to elect you again by acclamation is something very special,” Bell said. “Now comes a lot of hard work. It’s my job to manage the personalities to help them navigate the legislative process to when they get roadblocks or have issues, my office, my team is the one there to help them navigate through that.”

And then when it comes campaign time, Bell said that part of his job is to make sure the Republican Party stays in the majority and to help navigate those races.

There’s never a dull moment, he said.

“You have always got to be on your toes, but it’s impressive what we’ve been able to accomplish in the last 10 years, and I’m glad I get the opportunity to go there for two more,” he said.

The majority leader leads the direction of the caucus and represents the entire Republican caucus across the state.

Bell’s duties include working with caucus members, including calling caucuses to keep members informed of what is going on if anything were to come up or if the governor calls the legislature back into session.

Bell will represent the Republican caucus whether it is speaking at an event or traveling across the state helping members.

Bell said that former House Speaker Harold Brubaker years ago told him the job was not like herding cats — it was like carrying a wheelbarrow full of frogs and you had get them from point A to point B and have everybody in the wheelbarrow together knowing that when one frog jumped the rest of them would jump.

“So, it’s my job to coordinate and work with the majority party and make sure that the agenda that they set forth is executed, whether it be on the floor or in negotiations with the minority party or with the Senate,” Bell said. “It is my job to make sure that they’re there and their agenda gets pushed and lead the way for all the members in the House.

“I work in conjunction with the speaker of the House, and it’s kind of interesting the way the body is set up. You have the leaders of each caucus. Then, the chamber itself elects the speaker. So, he controls the chamber and I handle the majority vote. So, we work hand in hand to handle business.”

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